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Fleetguard Products 

The Fleetguard Advantage

We are the Engine Specialists. The dynamic synergy that exists among all Cummins global businesses ensures that our customers receive the most advanced technology, best sourcing and optimal delivery capabilities to meet their specific needs. From our local facilities on every continent, our team of dedicated employees and top quality suppliers are able to serve our customers more efficiently and effectively in their unique markets. With a global customer base that includes hundreds of OEMs, thousands of dealers/distributors and hundreds of thousands of end users, Cummins Filtration offers dependability and reliability beyond OE specifications and customer requirements. Through our Fleetguard brand of products, we cover the widest scope of engine applications on the market all to meet your needs.

Products Range


Cummins Filtration is experienced in working to meet customers’ technical specifications for air filtration systems including factors such as: media fiber size, shape, pore size, thickness, weave and mechanical strength to name a few.



All Cummins Filtration coolant products are tested per industry standards, as well as Cummins coolant standards, and are used in the validation testing of Cummins engines. We offer a full product line that spans from conventional technology to the newest organic additive technology to meet the needs of all customers.



Cummins Filtration is able to meet environmental demands of crankcase ventilation management through the use of multiple patented technologies. Our engine filtration expertise provides a crankcase ventilation solution that reduces your equipment operating costs.



Fleetguard fuel filtration products deliver best-in-class performance using proprietary StrataPore or NanoNet media which remove and hold onto harmful contaminants over the service life of the filter. Use of Fleetguard on-engine filters ensures optimal fuel system protection per demanding OEM specifications.



Cummins Filtration provides lube products that meet and exceed OE performance requirements and the new challenges of modern engine technology. The effect of clean lubricating oil has a significant influence on the life of your engine and can lower your total cost of operation over the life of your engine.



Fleetguard hydraulic filters cover the broad variety of products found in the marketplace, designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. We also have four families of general purpose mix and match spin-on filter heads and filters covering different flow and pressure requirements in a range of filtration efficiency.



The best approach to vehicle service is to prevent maintenance problems before they occur. With Cummins Filtration convenient and effective Monitor™ Fluid Analysis program, you can stay advised of your engine system's filtration efficiency and cleanliness. This helps you catch potential trouble spots and fix them early.



Cummins Filtration offers a complete line of Fleetguard transmission filtration products and fluid analysis programs as part of your regular transmission maintenance program.

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